Event Maps
March 13-14, 2020
Peaches to the Beaches Yard Sale
The below chart indicates the approximate miles from city to city. 
This does not indicate miles from official vendor site to offical vendor site.
From Barnesville to Culloden:  15 miles
From Culloden to Roberta:  14 miles
From Roberta to Ft. Valley:  15 miles
From Ft. Valley to Perry:  12 miles
From Perry to Hawkinsville: 22 miles
From Hawkinsville to Eastman: 22 miles
From Eastman to Chauncey:  8 miles
From Chauncey to McRae-Helena:  11 miles
From McRae-Helena to Lumber city:  16 miles
From Lumber City to Hazlehurst:  6 miles
From Hazlehurst to Baxley:  15 miles
From Baxley to Odum:  21 miles
From Odum to Jesup:  8 miles
                        From Jesup to Brunswick:  40 miles                          
The below map shows the approximate miles from city to city. This map does not indicate miles from official vendor site to official vendor site.
As you travel aong Hwy 341 look for the official site banners or individual yard signs for the official shopping locations.
To print the below map, CLICK HERE
Look for these 18"x24" Yard Signs along Hwy 341
Look for these 4'x8' Banners along Hwy 341
Due to unforeseen circumstances, a Digital Map will not be available for 2020 Peaches to the Beaches.
We will have a list of official sites and official vendors that you will be able to view or print.  This list will have physical addresses listed so you can enter the address into your GPS system. Pleast note that the addresses that are listed are physical addresses provided by the U.S. Postal Service or the County's 911 Center.
Whether or not these addresses will work on your GPS system may depend on how current your GPS system is or other factors beyond our control. We also understand that a printed would be beneficial to travels but It is impossible to create a printable map of this route that list each and every official site or official vendor location due to the number of miles in the event. 
Also remember, as you are driving look for the official site banners and the official yard sign banners!!